Saturday, June 21, 2014

Visiting the dog-ears

I confess: I am a great dog-earer of books. I dog-ear a page when I read a sentence that I love. I dog-ear when an image stops me in my tracks, makes me gaze off into the middle-distance. I dog-ear when I learn a new word. I dog-ear when I find an old word used in a new way. I dog-ear every time I read something and think, "Damn, I wish I'd written that."

It's a way of marking not just the words on the page, but the moment of discovery itself.

Sometimes, when I'm in a certain pensive mood, a hankering-after-something mood, I visit my old dog-ears. I'll pick a book off the shelf and flip through the pages, stopping at all the dog-eared pages. Often I can't remember what or why I dog-eared. Those are the times I wish I was not only a dog-earer, but an underliner or even a highlighter.


christinalfrutiger said...

You're back! I hadn't checked in awhile, hence the belated comment! I'm a dog earer too! But usually just to mark my last read page! Yeah, a marker would come in handy when reading, wouldn't it? But who ever thinks of that at the time?
Don't be such a stranger! :)

Danni said...

I tend to use a pencil. I've been scolded many times, over the years, for writing in (defacing) books, but I've never felt badly about it. When words "touch" me, I feel they 'deserve' to be gently marked and visually remembered! :-)