Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer solstice

Two American robins have taken up residence in the backyard. The scrub jays and the Steller's jays seem bemused by these non-blue birds with their merry songs and industrious ways. All spring I imagined the nest of blue robins' eggs that was surely concealed somewhere in the mass of trees on the hillside. Imagining the nest, which I never saw, gave me nearly as much pleasure as the actual robins, whom I saw every day.

Though their brood must have fledged by now, the robins are still here. The couple enjoys bathing together in the morning. The female takes a quick dip and jets off, while the male indulges in a leisurely soak, splashing half the water in the birdbath onto the ground before he is done. He knows I will refill it. 

The jays use the birdbath at the end of the day. They gossip about the robins, shrieking and squawking, making their opinionated jay noises. But at twilight, when the robins begin to sing, the jays fall silent and the song pours out of the trees and into the gathering darkness.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back...And what a perfect post for the Summer Solstice...a beautiful nest of baby-blue Robin's eggs!
I have a nest box on my back porch with 4 tiny baby Bewick wrens, which makes me very happy!

Chris from Washington state!

Claire said...

Thank you! I was waiting for your return and I am not disappointed. Reading you during my work-day is a lungful of fresh air. Please continue this blog!

Tai said...

Hi Claire and Chris, thank you both for hanging in there during my long absence! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful readers. I'm going to try hard to post more regularly this summer. (Chris, have your wrenlets fledged yet?)