Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I saw on the train to Nagoya

December 2011. I saw a tree full of small brown finches. I saw terraced gardens spilling down the mountainside. I saw mist clinging to forested ridgetops, a persimmon tree heavy with orange fruit, fields lying barren in winter. I saw a small cemetery on the edge of a village, an icy stream tumbling down a hill. I saw autumn leaves scattered like golden coins on the forest floor. I saw a flock of ravens circling a stone cairn. I saw a little red bridge crossing a pebbled stream. And through the tunnels, across the valleys and up the mountains, the conductor sang: Nakatsagawa, we soon stop at Nakatsagawa. Next stop Chikusa, we will soon stop at Chikusa. Next stop Nagoya, we will soon stop at Nagoya.


Monisima's Life in the Philippines said...

Lovely slice of life. Peaceful yet disturbing. Does that make sense?

Chris said...

I thought all descriptions of the sights you saw, were peaceful..not disturbing to me...well, maybe the flock of ravens circling the cairn but that must have also been a lovely a dream sort of a way! And what better way to see those lovely sights than from a train!

Tai said...

Chris, yes indeed -- there's something wonderful about seeing things from a train. It can make the most ordinary sight seem magical.

Monisima: Virginia Woolf once wrote that what makes a view beautiful and sad at the same time is that it will still be here when we are gone. I think she was trying to describe that feeling of "peaceful yet disturbing." It makes perfect sense.