Thursday, May 3, 2012

Products we like: Critter escape ramp

Small animals in search of water often accidentally drown in swimming pools or succumb to the chlorine. Wildlife biologist Rich Mason decided to do something about all these little lost lives. He started tinkering with pieces of styrofoam and plastic, and before long the Frog Log was born. This product is so simple and yet so incredibly effective. Imagine you are a mouse, swimming back and forth, exhausted and terrified, desperately trying to scramble up the slick tiles -- and then you come upon this merciful floating island made just for you. Anyone with a swimming pool -- and a heart -- should have a Frog Log. Countless numbers of chipmunks, mice, lizards, ducklings, turtles, toads, frogs, salamanders, dragonflies and bumble bees will be grateful. (Aerophant endorses this product because we like it. We get no kickbacks.)


christinalfrutiger said...

I love this...have never heard of them before but I will be passing on the word...for all of our lil friends! :)

The Querulous Squirrel said...

This is so sweet. A swimming pool is not a natural thing. Usually the landscaping around one isn't either. It's great if the little natural critters can be helped to survive the onslaught.