Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome to California, Canis lupus

On Thursday, a young gray wolf wearing a radio collar crossed the border from Oregon into Northern California. He is the first wild wolf to set paw on California soil in 80 years. Long may he howl!


Chris said...

Godspeed Cunis lupus! I surely hope California is good to you and that you thrive well there, with a large pack! :}

Anonymous said...

There is some pathos in this, as he is almost certainly traveling here to search for a mate. We all know something he doesn't... Perhaps he'll become the wolf equivalent of a holy man and forsake all attachments.

Tai said...

A monastic wolf? It's possible. Unless...he knows something we don't. Like a female wolf with no GPS collar snuck into California under the radar, literally. Wouldn't that be grand?