Friday, July 8, 2011

The new world

Rambling through the woods today I began to imagine I was seeing an entirely new color spectrum: green and brown seemed to dissolve into the dappled shadows; blue and violet flickered in the haze, red and orange shimmered with fire as the sun climbed higher in the afternoon sky. I closed my eyes. When I opened them I was surrounded by las libélulas, the dragonflies, and through the prism of their transparent wings I saw a new world cloaked in all new colors.


smartz said...

Dragonflies seem like mythical creatures, their color, their irridescence. Thank you for the post.

Stauf said...

After reading this beautiful writing only one expression comes to my mind: WOW!

It is so nice to have you back, Tai.

Tai said...

WOW, Julio! Your sweet compliment makes my head swell. It's always so nice to hear from you.

Smartz, that's so true, they do seem mythical -- tiny reminders of magical thinking, buzzing through our busy lives.