Friday, June 24, 2011

Go where you will go to

We are sitting on the couch listening to a radio special about Joni Mitchell. We are transfixed. "Does this music make you feel emotional?" I ask, because as the first stanza of "Clouds" comes on I begin to feel powerfully emotional. He just nods slowly, gazing off into the middle distance. He doesn't have to say anything. He knows the words to almost every song Joni Mitchell ever wrote. In college he owned four records: Song to a Seagull, Clouds, Blue, and Ladies of the Canyon. So we just listen without speaking, sitting close together though our thoughts are far apart, letting the music transport us to our private and separate pasts.


Rick Ray said...

I remember that particular look from our college days, and his 4 records. Thanks for posting.

smartz said...

I've loved Joni Mitchell for most of my adult life. Thank you for the memories.

Tai said...

Smartz, I'm not surprised. Joni has provided the soundtrack for so many of my dearest friends. You'll often find her music at the Half Note.

Rick, thank you for corroborating the four records. I'm glad you're there to share this memory.

Pete said...

When I'm alone but pretending that I'm quietly sitting with someone, I sometimes close my eyes and begin singing the chorus of "Clouds" in a voice about 2.5 times too loud.

Ladies of the Canyon and Blue. Those are the two I know so well I can just listen to them in my head, don't even need to own them anymore. Those records are like memories themselves, living memories.

Wow, I'm doing it now (listening to "Morning Morgantown" in my head, that is...) Thanks for reminding me. (And thanks for posting some again - it nourishes, and is much appreciated.)

Tai said...

Pete, I know exactly what you mean. I often have the records playing in my head, too. I wonder if there's something about the timbre of Joni's voice that allows our brains to so perfectly conjure her up at will. It's a beautiful thing.