Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The impatience of the plum tree

Trees are patient. Most of them know that a week of warm weather in January means nothing in the scheme of things. They slumber on, dreaming their distant dreams of spring. But not the plum tree. The plum is impetuous. Drunk on sunlight, intoxicated by the unseasonable heat, she sends sap up through her trunk out to the ends of all her bare, winter-chilled limbs. And so it is that the buds begin to swell and break, and soon the plum tree will be covered in white blossoms, in February, the dead of winter.


smartz said...

I think in my younger days I was a plum tree. Alas, I've lost that impestuousness and, for the most part, keep myself inside, safe from the fatal freeze.

Tai said...

Once a plum, always a plum, Smartz. Maybe you're just a late bloomer.