Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seven true facts

1) Silken windhound is the name of a new American breed of dog.
2) Bedouins can read the future in the shifting contours of a sand dune.
3) You can fend off a charging turkey by opening your umbrella.
4) People in movies are more likely to be carrying a gun than a book.
5) A skunk will hold its ground in the face of an oncoming vehicle.
6) Paleotempestology is the study of ancient storms.
7) Every superhero has to have a tragic flaw.


itzktb said...

I like the true facts! Now, I wanna hear the UNTRUE facts!

smartz said...

It makes my day when I see a new post from Aerophant.

bookfraud said...

I want to get a PhD. in paleotempestology, just because the word is so awesome.

Also, I can now deal with a turkey charge or an obstreperous skunk. Thank you.

euthymic said...

I now know a third use of umbrellas aside from singing and dancing in the rain.

Tai said...

Euthymic, I like that you consider singing in the rain and dancing in the rain two separate uses. (Quite right!)

Bookfraud, besides the doctorate, you'll need an old bomber jacket and a fedora. Et voila!—paleotempestologist.

Smartz, is that a fact? Thank you!

Kate, you want untrue facts—this blog is full of 'em!