Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inma's memory

When my neighbor Inma was a child growing up in the Basque region of Spain, she used to go to her grandfather's farm and play in the fields with her cousins. Her favorite memory is of her grandfather's jersey cows: The cows, gentle and inquisitive, would settle down on the grass and rest their great heads in the little girls' laps, and the girls would twine daisy chains around their horns.


Mel said...

There have been several gems in your past few posts, but this one was just beautiful. We had cows when I was a small child, and although not Jerseys, they too thrived on human communication and companionship. If more people had that sort of upbringing, steaks and (God forbid) veal would not be so appealing.

Tai said...

Mel, everyone I know who has spent time around cows tells me how kind they are, and how passionately devoted to their calves. I, too, wish more people could spend time getting to know cows up close and personal. It would change a lot of things.