Thursday, October 7, 2010

Course correction

Most of us know when we're contemplating a major change in direction. But we make minor course corrections all the time without even noticing them. Sometimes these seemingly insignificant little shifts can have a profound effect on our lives. You may not be aware of it, but that spontaneous U-turn you once made in a town whose name you've long forgotten set you on a completely different path in life.


Heidi said...

So true. One night I wasn't quite ready to go home after a dinner party and convinced my friend to stop for a quick drink at a restaurant on Miami Beach. I sat next to a man on a bar stool and, six months later, I married him without a second thought. Six years later, we are living in Montana, a state I had heard of but never wanted to visit; I have an art studio - something I wanted but could never afford in a big city; and there are an entire generation of children in this family who have never seen me in a cocktail dress. It's weird to think back on the U turn, but I like it.

smartz said...

Sometimes it feels like I've spent too much energy charging forward when it would have been better to sit a spell. Thanks for the reminder.

Tai said...

For sure, Smartz -- forward isn't the only direction, but it's easy to forget that.

Heidi, that's amazing. The stuff of fiction.