Thursday, September 30, 2010

The orb weavers

This time of year, the orb weavers build their webs all around our house; a new web each day. Sometimes there are three, five, ten webs strung across the front steps. (So I use the back steps.) The entire street is festooned with webs, in front and back yards, threaded between trees and fences and eaves and telephone poles.

Yesterday I watched one of the orb weavers constructing her web, after a hummingbird flew through it. Rather than repair the hole, she started a new spiral from scratch. Her patience and skill were mesmerizing. From time to time she would pause and rest; it's not easy making something so elaborate. The last time I came out to check on her progress she had finished and was sitting in the middle of her web, head down, thinking her symmetrical spider thoughts and waiting for a meal to fly in.


Sarah Thompson said...

I think it's awesome that you take the back steps to avoid tearing down the spider's web. Of course, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest, because that's just the kind of friend to all living things that you are.

Heidi said...

I found this idea awhile back - making prints of spider webs:

But I still haven't tried it. Just thought I'd pass it on for thought - I know its hard to think of them being torn down.

Tai said...

Heidi, that's an awesome art project. And it's true that the spiders immediately set about making a new web and they never seem to take it personally when their webs are destroyed (as I might).

Sarah, that is without a doubt one of the loveliest compliments anyone's ever given me. xoT