Friday, July 23, 2010

Remembrance of things

Remember when you used to call your friend, and if your friend wasn't home the phone would ring and ring and ring and ring, and it would ring so long that your mind would wander and you'd go into a sort of trance, and the phone would ring and ring and ring, and finally you'd give up and hang up the phone and wait a while, although never long enough, and you'd call your friend again, but your friend still wouldn't be home, and the phone would ring and ring and ring and ring and?


Querulous Squirrel said...

Ah, and those wonderful rotary phones, with no pre-programmed phone numbers. You just had to wait for that dial to get back to zero. And you couldn't carry it in your pocket. Or very far away from the wall socket. You couldn't walk down the street or drive in your car. You had to just sit down at the kitchen table or couch, put your feet up, and chat.

farmlady said...

Yes....and I can remember Princess phones and party lines too. I'm old. I admit it.

Tai said...

Farmlady, my best friend had a pink sparkly princess phone and I was desperately envious. Looking back, some wishes are best left ungranted.

Q. Squirrel: Yes! Whoever said we needed a phone we could carry in our pockets? A thousand curses on him!