Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to get your goldfinches

A couple of weeks ago I hung a sock of Nyjer seed, the favorite food of goldfinches, from a small tree on the side of the house. A week passed and the sock dangled untouched, as desolate as an empty restaurant. I began to despair of goldfinches. Then one morning two lesser goldfinches showed up. The next day there were six, and yesterday I counted 23 bright yellow goldfinches, some clinging to the sock, others perched on branches waiting for their turn, and all of them merrily warbling away.


Chris said...

The goldfinches winter here, and leave about the time they reach their full brilliance. In winters past we have had several hundred in our yard at a time.

Querulous Squirrel said...

It's amazing how word of a good restaurant gets around.

Tai said...

Truly, Squirrel, you can always depend on your peeps to tell you where to dine.

Chris, that sounds like an amazing sight. If you get goldfinches you must get chickadees too--another tiny bird with a big personality.