Friday, January 15, 2010

Book proposal

It's tough to get published these days. That's why I've decided to release my next book on a cactus.


maccandace said...

That's pretty funny. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm going to look more at yours--it looks interesting and fun.

smartz said...

Hope Cooper doesn't see this and start tattooing her novel on the next barrel cactus!

runnerfrog said...

Use figs as post-its, and write the letter to the editor on a watermelon.

Tai said...

Frog, excellent suggestions. These e-readers are all well and good but I believe botanicals may be the next trend in book publishing.

Smartz, if she did that would be a very succulent read.

Thanks Maccandace, I'll hope you'll come visit us again.