Thursday, January 21, 2010

Le bleu de joie

Majorelle blue is a color you can lose yourself in. It's the blue of memory, of time-traveling, of birdsong. At the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, every paintable surface--walls, archways, fountains, planters--is the intense shade of blue named for its creator, Jacques Majorelle. I've never been there, but when I saw a photograph I realized it was the blue I'd been looking for all my life.


pete said...

Oh my GOD! It's like getting a visual LIFE TRANSFUSION! THANK YOU!

farmlady said...

"Le bleu de joie" Yes!!
I see this, on rare days, in the sky.., usually with the contrast of white fluffy clouds.
It's a color of excitement and beauty.

Tai said...

Farmlady, I know what you mean. The colors one sees in the skies are unparalleled; a painter could spend a lifetime on one patch of sky alone.

Pete -- a life there is a very interesting concept. Science fiction the way I like it.