Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Puck meets a buck

On Sunday morning Puck climbed the hillside to assume his usual sentry position behind a clump of reed grass. (He thinks he is hidden but his pink ears glow like flares.) I watched from the kitchen window while a young deer, barely more than a fawn, picked its way up the hill. Puck emerged from his clump in full combat crouch and began to stalk the fawn. For one horrible moment I thought he was going to leap on its back and take it down, like a mountain lion. Then the little deer turned and saw Puck and they stopped in their tracks, inches apart. Deer and cat regarded each other. The deer stretched out its long neck and Puck craned his short neck upward until their noses were touching. They sniffed for a few moments and I realized a conversation was taking place. This is my hillside, but you may eat berries here, Puck said grandly. You're an odd-looking skunk, said the deer, but you really don't smell bad at all.


smartz said...

Brilliant story-telling. So visual, I could see them in dialogue. Thank you!

maccandace said...

I have to agree with another commenter to a different post--your blog *is* a joy.