Sunday, December 13, 2009

The gymnopedist's instructions for living

The composer Erik Satie wrote musical instructions that were as enigmatic as his compositions. They are subtle, absurd, whimsical, mysterious, and mocking. Here's a few that I have found to be very useful when applied to daily life:

  • Wonder about yourself
  • Provide yourself with shrewdness
  • Alone, for one moment
  • Open the head
  • Superstitiously
  • In a very particular way
  • Light as an egg
  • Like a nightingale with a toothache
  • Moderately, I insist
  • A little bit warm
  • Very Turkish


Sarah Thompson said...

Missed you, Tai!!

smartz said...

Wow. The list reads like a poem. Thank you.

Tai said...

Hi Sarah and Smartz, nice to see you here!