Friday, September 18, 2009

Existential Puck

Cat exists in a state of distance from the world, yet cat is of the world. What is cat to the world? What is the world to cat? And what is the meaning of cat?


Sarah Thompson said...

The meaning of cat is knowing what you want, knowing how to get it and knowing when to be content when you get it and when there might be something better worth wanting next.

Apifera Farm said...

I don't know, I have to consult the tribe, and ponder order to reply in the most cat like way - focused and with intent.

CJGallegos said...

These are the thoughts that wake me up in the night.

Tai said...

Coop, they wake me up during the day, too.

K, any word from the tribe yet? They'll probably have to convene a special session of parliament.

Okay, Sarah, have you and Puck been talking behind my back?

Jeffrey Stock said...

This is from the script to Act One of my Broadway musical, coincidentally, about the meaning of Cat:

Forgive me. I am overwhelmed. What is the lesson about?

Meaning. (she looks at him) And the meaning of meaning. Does meaning reside principally in A) appellation, B) sentient self-regard, or C) material immanence?
(He looks at her and is distracted)
Yes. Well. Example. Is a cat a cat because I call it so? Not here kitty kitty, mind you, but C A T qua signifier. (She looks at him admiringly –he’s distracted yet again.) Or is it a cat because it says so? Meow Meow. I am cat. Cat I am. Or is it a cat when a furry quadruped rubs against my legs, its silky coat begging to be stroked--crying out for meaning in its loneliness--never coming when I call--that is, epistemologically speaking, the quintessence of catness--utter catiosity. I am losing my mind.

Tai said...

Puck and I would like tickets to this show, please.