Monday, August 3, 2009

Photographic memory

In my imagination there's a girl standing in the foreground of this photograph. The girl is me, and the photograph, now lost, was the only record of my five months in Death Valley. I'm standing at the edge of Ubehebe Crater, wearing a white T-shirt and a blue cotton skirt. My arms are thrown over my head in a gesture as expansive as the crater is wide, and I'm smiling at the camera. I am nineteen years old. The image no longer exists yet I can see it so clearly; the girl in the blue skirt and the immense hollow in the earth; a volcanic crater emptied not from without, but from within.


itzktb said...

I can see her!

Pete said...

The other you likes this post a lot, I bet. I do too.

Tai said...

I think the other me wrote this post.