Monday, August 3, 2009

The looking war

In seventh grade I was in the same algebra class as Freddy Moreno, the neighborhood bully. The teacher had arranged the desks so that one half of the room faced the other half of the room. Freddy and I are on opposite sides, directly across from each other. We are both tortured by this arrangement. It is impossible for us not to look at one another. Every time I lift my eyes from my desk I see him. He sees me see him. I see him seeing me. The harder we try not to look the more compelled we are to look. Finally, one day after class we discuss the situation:

Quit looking at me!
I am not looking at you!
You are too.
Why don't you shut up?

Why don't YOU shut up?

Why don't you stop looking at me?

I'm NOT looking at you.

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