Thursday, July 2, 2009

I feel owlful

My friend J. has owls, in a manner of speaking. They reside in an enormous valley oak in front of his house. "Every evening, if you're out there," J writes, "you can hear him call his little lady owl in from the almond orchard. She softly answers him back and then flies into his secret hideaway."

Lacking owls, I like to think about J's owls. On summer evenings I even imagine I can hear the soft sounds of the owl couple murmuring secrets to each other from within the loving embrace of mother oak.


pete said...

That's so nutty you posted about this! I saw a great-horned owl in front of my cabin tonight! I got my binoculars and glassed it, and we locked eyes, its being yellow as can be. We stared at each other for like two or three minutes, one of the most intense moments of the summer for me. Owls are very, very cool animals. My neighbor has said that one lives around us but this is the first time I've seen him. Makes me glad my kitty is an indoor beast. The thing I just saw would scoop him up!

Tai said...

We must be on the same owl frequency! I'd give anything to have a staring contest with a great horned owl. Maybe he and the missus are nesting nearby; if so, you'll have great horned owlets this winter!