Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I remember the bug

I spent a lot of my childhood and young adulthood riding around in Volkswagen bugs. Walking by an old bug today I glanced through the window at the dashboard and a million memories came flooding back. Remember fiddling with the heater levers because you were always freezing or sweltering? Remember the mee-meep sound of the horn? Remember the little gas gauge and how far below empty you could go before running out of gas? Remember running out of gas? Oh, how I miss it all.


Jeffrey Stock said...

I grew up with a VW bug, too. When I looked at your photo, the first thing I noticed was the logo of the dog/wolf over the castle. That really brought back a feeling!

Latuchie said...

Remember the button on the floor next to the clutch that turned on the brights so that if you were shifting at night and another car was coming toward you and you needed to turn off the brights you actually needed three feet? Remember jump-starting it by pushing with your left foot out the door--like Fred Flinstone--and clutching with your right foot? Remember floating through deep puddles? Mine was a '65 that I got in '72. It was a dark green that came off on your hands. It was my first car and it was stolen from Riverside Dr. and 120th St., NYC. That was more than 30 years ago. I still miss it.

itzktb said...

I remember what it cost to fill up the tank of my '74 VW bug--$4, and that lasted a good two weeks!

More than 20 years later, as you know, our friend Tracy has that car parked in her backyard.

Great memories.

Tai said...

I love reading these memories of all your bugs. Jeffrey, that image of the wolf and the castle is forever seared into my brain. Dearest Karen: yes, yes, and yes! Remember never going anywhere without jumper cables? I bet your green bug is still running, wherever it is. Katie, I fondly recall many escapades, legal and otherwise, in your getaway bug.